Your Resume Is Dead, Start Talking

Have you updated your resume this year? If so, why did you bother? (Please read on and comment below. Let’s start the conversation). Our team’s success has been in the press lately and as a result we’ve received lots of resumes in the mail. We have been growing and hiring and are looking forward to continuing. As we grow, we add new jobs … [Read more...]

Get out of your box! (before it gets shipped somewhere else)

Stop trying to “Think outside the box”, and step out of the box instead. Yes, You, it’s time to step out! Over the last few years, a popular misconception has been that thinking outside the box will help someone discover new ways, new ideas and become more creative. Innovation is the new promised land. The problem is that for most … [Read more...]

“Parallel Everything!”, what about PLSQL Mr. Ellison?

I watched Larry Ellison's live keynote at OOW 2011 last night. It's all about Performance (Nice touch on the video about the America's cup "Hardware and Software engineered to run together") and "everything parallel". A bit like the team that won the the Cup, it takes everyone to be coordinated and working together to achieve this kind of … [Read more...]

Make Sure You Have Your Backstage Pass!

Last week Steve and I attended the Inc. 500/5000 Conference in Washington DC. This annual event is organized by Inc. Magazine sets to recognize the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the US. Imagine more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, each of whom created thousands of jobs over the last three years, all gathered in a single location. The level of energy … [Read more...]

Solving Customer Problems First

When you need best in class Oracle consulting services, turn to LCS Technologies. With LCS, you get quality solutions, expert technical skills and quick, well-documented problem resolution for all your Oracle needs. For LCS, solving customer problems comes first. Unlike many Oracle consulting companies that simply throw resources at a technical … [Read more...]